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Blue crochet blanket of many squares on a bed

2018 was the third year I participated in the Moogly Crochet-a-long (it releases the pattern for a crochet square every 2 weeks) and above is the finished result. It won't be staying on the bed because it hasn't yet been cold enough this winter to necessitate a blanket (or possibly fixing the broken window pane in the bedroom has made all the difference).
purplecat: A Crocheted Afghan Square Blanket (General:Crochet)

Having enjoyed the Moogle crochet-along so much in 2016, I did it again in 2017 (only this time actually starting in January along with everyone else). The final blanket produced just in time for the 2018 one to begin!
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The first batch of Star Wars crochet figures.

B. somehow managed to mistake C3PO for Chewbacca. He claims it was incorrect choice of yarn colour on my part (TBH, it isn't really golden enough, but choosing yarn colours on the internet is non-trivial and it was called "gold").
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I've been following the Moogly Crochet Blog for a while and found myself increasingly taken with the fortnightly squares that were being posted as part of their "crochet-a-long" so, once I had finished B's vast crochet thing, I set about making the 2016 sqaures (this was in August, there was a lot of frantic catch-up crocheting). In theory I was using leftover bits of wool, but I ran out of these about halfway through and had to buy more - this became increasingly stressful since the original supply of wool I had acquired on the cheap because it wasn't being produced any more.

Anyway, the final result is this blanket:

I have already started on the first of the 2017 squares and have bought all the wool except for one colour I am as yet undecided about.
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My collection of crocheted neckwear continues to multiply.

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B. was sufficiently impressed by my crocodile stitch shawl that he asked for a crocodile stitch jumper. I have a horrible feeling this has strayed into "hideous socks so kindly meant" territory but B. claims to be pleased with it. More alarmingly he claims to have a carefully cultivated reputation for eccentric knitwear which suggests he intends to wear it in public.

It wasn't meant to be this large. It growed and growed and I kept having to buy more yarn.

Also, no pattern this time around, too much "making it up as I go along" was happening.
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Mum very much admired my Crocodile Shawl so I made her this scarf version as a Christmas present

Since I made up the pattern for this, I may as well freely distribute it (I'll be putting it on Ravelry as well, assuming that isn't too hard to do)

Pattern Under the Cut )
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We never have a crib as part of our christmas decorations, but when I spotted this Smaug crochet pattern, it occurred to me that he would make a good secular equivalent.

You can just about see the sparks (courtesy of some optical fibre) in his smoke here.

It must be said the pattern was a little frustrating and not entirely consistent (or even always accurate) in its counting of stitches and we struggled with the electronics a bit. In fact in the end I stopped faffing around with conductive thread and B. just soldered everything together. Next year we will probably invest in a slightly different set of electronics and remake the head.

We're calling him Smaug but he does not appear to have Smaug's temperament. The pile of gold coins had considerably reduced by yesterday evening with no apparent ill-effects to the culprits.


Nov. 4th, 2015 07:11 pm
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A cowl appears to be scarf with its ends stitched together. I'm not sure a cowl is as useful as a scarf, but I liked the look of the pattern so I made it anyway.

I have a horrible feeling that crochet leads inevitably to a large collection of shawls and scarfs of various descriptions.
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I had a sudden urge to take up crochet again and, since I'd acquired a book which called itself Geek Chic Crochet* by one Nicki Trench, I thought I would make something from there. I picked a shawl thing that looked like fun and, once I'd figured out how "crocodile stitch" was actually supposed to work, it was pretty easy. B. has started making envious comments about how nice a crocodile stitch cardigan would be (attempts to find a nice crocodile stitch cardigan pattern on Ravelry so far have failed). I decided it would be a good project for "using up" odds and ends of yarn I had about the place. As a result of this I think there is nearly four times as much yarn in the house as when I started. The result is somewhere on the Tom Baker's scarf -> Colin Baker's coat spectrum. I personally think it is closer to the scarf end in terms of sartorial taste, but mileage may vary.

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* I will confess to being fairly clueless about fashion, but I think this was more Hipster Chic Crochet than Geek Chic Crochet. I don't know many geeks who would be that impressed by a crocheted tie.


Jul. 10th, 2011 10:11 am
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Persons nameless, who probably consider themselves enablers, gave me a "Crobot" book:

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