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Because I have just spent a day and a half doing this and I need to vent my frustrations somehow. Also, I will need to do this on my work machine at some point and so I need to type my notes out neatly somewhere while I still vaguely recall what all the increasingly frustrated scrawls actually mean. In theory this might also help others but I suspect that a) the problems were specific to my setup and b) since I didn't save the actual error messages no one will ever find this on a Google.

The below is probably not for the faint hearted, but feel free to come along for the ride and assume actually I didn't know much more about what I was doing than you do.

What was I trying to do? )

Installing Groovy ROS: Trials and Tribulations )

Then I stopped for lunch on the second day.

I have turtles )

I'm trying to work out of this is the worst installation experience I've been through. It's certainly the worst for at least a decade I should say. I'm moderately impressed that I actually managed to figure my way through to the end of it, although Google, the ROS troubleshooting hints, and answers.ros.org were definitely my friends.


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