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One of B's PhD students has just won the BBC Wildlife Magazine Blogger of the Year. This came as something of a surprise to B. who wasn't aware she blogged, though it has not prevented him heading out for celebratory drinks with her (where he is as I type).

The blog is Stripy Tapir and, among other things, features some stunning photographs which might be of interest to one of the younger [livejournal.com profile] kargicq's.
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I discovered Design Seeds quite recently via a recommendation on a crochet website. If you are at all in need of inspiration for colour schemes, then Design Seeds posts two a day, complete with RGB codes.
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I was a bit surprised when I thought "I'll recommend a Dr Who thing to follow" to realise actually how few Dr Who blogs I personally follow. I considered the official Doctor Who blog on the BBC website but, to be honest, I find the twitter feed [twitter.com profile] bbcdoctorwho better for just vaguely keeping track of Dr Who news, as well as getting random fun pictures and so on to look at.

However, if anyone wants to recommend some Doctor Who blogs I ought to follow, I'd be happy to hear about them!!!
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I tend to assume that everyone I know who spends any amount of time on the Internet is aware of xkcd but then every so often I will bump into someone who doesn't know it, so I'm mentioning it here on the off chance...

xkcd is a web comic with a minimalistic style and exceptionally wide-ranging content. Its comics tend to be just a few panels with a gag built in, and often with a computer, science or nerdy theme (and sometimes they are really obscure, I'd be surprised if there was anyone out there who has "got" every xkcd joke without some googling) however there are many many exceptions to that format from comics where the gag is only apparent from the "alt text" that pops up when you hover your mouse over the comic image to comics that are stories, games or serious infographics.

A representative sample:

Duty Calls:

Probably my favourite straight gag comic

Movie Narrative Charts:

An infographic showing the interactions of groups of people over time in several popular blockbuster movies

Time - Time was an animated story that updated slowly over nearly 6 months. I'm fairly sure when this first appeared I saw only the first frame, assumed it was an xkcd joke I didn't get and moved on, only to discover later that it was telling a story. The link her goes not to xkcd (which now only displays the final few frames of the animation) but to a separate site which lets you play the animation at the speed of your choice.

Hoverboard: Hoverboard appears to be a fairly simple, collect the coins game. By the time this appeared I was fairly wise to some of the tricks xkcd plays and so realised it was possible to escape from the initial simple space into a much larger world. It must be said I explored it a little and then moved on, but G. saw me doing it and she explored the whole game thoroughly managing to collect all but one of the coins.
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Alan is one of the Principal Investigators on the Verifiable Autonomy project (which employs me for half my time). He has a long standing interest in the various aspects of ethics and robotics, both how a robot might be programmed to behave ethically and the ethical issues surrounding the use of robots in homes, workplaces and other places. He is also involved in a number of committees involving robotics. He blogs about his work at Alan Winfield's Web Log, both reporting on current research in an accessible fashion, and discussing various activities he has been involved with. It's not a high volume blog, but worth checking out if you are interested in these kinds of issues. He's also active on twitter ([twitter.com profile] alan_winfield) and, I get the impression, very much enjoys discussing his work, ethics and robotics with people.
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I can't say "Fossil Friday" was really doing it for me so I thought I'd have a go at Follow Friday.

To be honest, anyone who checks out my link dumps will know I read The Conversation a lot. It's a news and comment site but the writers are all academics and are either reporting their own work in their own words (with style guidance form a journalist) or are commenting upon the news from the standpoint of relevant academic expertise. That doesn't mean that nonsense is eliminated from their articles, but I'd say there is generally less nonsense than in the more mainstream press, and the research-led viewpoints are often unique and interesting.


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