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So this week repeated last week's template of updating the original story in an inventive, original and, dare I say it, dramatically more pleasing way and then pulling its punches and serving up something that was, ultimately, far, far blander. I liked it but the show's lack of any real guts was painfully obvious.

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As this reworking of Survivors moves further away from the original series I find myself becoming more engrossed. I was quite gripped at points in last night's episode despite thinking that neither story was terribly interesting in and of itself.

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Much like the first episode this came across as a competent and watchable piece of TV but still missing that vital spark. If it weren't for my fondness for the original and my interest in playing compare and contrast with this new version I'm not one hundred per cent sure I'd still be watching.

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I was a little surprised that all the sex we were promised last week failed to materialise. I realise you want your trailer to act as a hook in for viewers but if you go down the "sex sells" route I vaguely feel you should deliver on your promises otherwise surely you fail to maintain your viewer base? or do I misunderstand marketing. Based on this week's trailer it looks like my original guess that our government minister would turn out to be the new Wormley may have been more accurate than I thought. But we'll see whether next week really does deliver the action-packed episode the trailer was attempting to suggest.


Nov. 24th, 2008 09:22 am
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I'll confess I was a little dubious about this project. Survivors feels to me very much a product of its time and I was unconvinced that this particular piece of lightening could be caught in the bottle twice. All in all I was quite pleased by the remake but I'm not sure I was pleased for good reasons. It was, for instance, remarkably close to the original in many places. This avoided doing anything too horrendous to the original concept but also prevented it from feeling particularly fresh. I think this is very much going to be another "cosy" catastrophe. It may have shifted its location north to Manchester and the peak district and away from the implicitly Home Counties setting of the original but in the process we seem to have lost the only clearly working class character (although since that was a comedy-tramp later revealed to be a dangerous murderer this might be considered a blessing).

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At the end of the day I thought this was a competent remake but its, almost slavish in places, adherence to the original script will ultimately, I think, handicap it for the new audience and I doubt the lightening has been caught in the bottle a second time.

On Tuesday, interestingly, it seems we are going to be treated to an, in places, almost shot-for-shot replay of the survivors' run-in with Wormley's "provisional government". I will confess to some curiousity about how Wormley (a minor government minister in the original, IIRC) will be re-imagined. At one point I thought it might be the black female government minister who gets to be the public-face of the crisis, especially since she is showing no signs of ill-health, even at the end, but she was ultimately portrayed as too sympathetic a character to make this plausible. It also looks like we will be treated to considerably more sex than we saw in the original where the closest we get to a sex scene is Greg and Jenny chastely sharing a sleeping bag while fully clothed. Charles (the original series' main proponent of rapid repopulation) would no doubt have approved.


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