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After not too much clicking around the Amazon web site I was able to generate a Return label for printing complete with official looking bar codes and the magic words "Postage to be paid at destination under terms of contract". In fact I generated two, one for the outside of the packet with an address in Inverclyde and obviously some magic code numbers for the postal service and one for the interior which lists my reasons for returning it, the original order number (or at least part of it) and repeats the bar code. It appears they have a policy of return within 30 days and no questions asked. Obviously I'm outside that time but if the item is defective then they still accept a return "within reasonable time" which I imagine is a precise legal term ( :-) ) and relates to my statutory rights. As far as I can tell they have automatically ordered a replacement for me (I had the choice of replacement or refund) but there was a warning that I would have to pay for both books if the returned item was not received within 30 days or if they didn't agree that it was defective.


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