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A man dressed in a blue shirt and jeans, kneels sideways to the camera, with his arms outstretched on a grassy hilltop under a clear blue skey.  He has a lump of dried grass in his mouth.  Beyond him at least two more people can be seen.  One has his head in his hands and the other is lying in the sun

It being the birthday of Sir Geraint, the other week, Facebook suggested I reposted a rather murky group shot of Arthurians which happened to contain him. Thinking this would amuse, I did so and conversation turned to "what happened to Sir Bors de Ganis?" who was also in the photo. I mentioned I had tried googling him once or twice, as had others, but had been defeated by the fact he had a very common real name, even though we had a pretty good idea which company he was probably working for. I concluded he was secretly a spy and had scrubbed all trace of himself from the Internet. However, it transpires that [personal profile] sir_guinglain's google-fu is better than mine and within hours he had located Sir Bors on LinkedIn. Sir Geraint then tempted him over to Facebook*.

Naturally, I immediately thought of the above photo I have of him. It is taken on top of Old Oswestry and the caption states that he is giving mystic energy back to the land. I think this was prompted by a talk to the society by John and Caitlin Matthews in which they discussed modes of visiting ancient sites. I strongly suspect the above is not, however, what they had in mind - but I could be wrong.

*Actually, evidence would suggest that he had been on Facebook the whole time, just not connected to Arthurian circles.
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It was the end of my first year at university. I went on holiday in a ramshackle minibus with an assorted bunch of Arthurians. The sun shone. We went south.

Lizard Point, Cornwall
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Having just visiting [livejournal.com profile] firin in Pennsylvania I went looking for early photos of her. The earliest ones I seem to have are of the 1990 Arthurian Pilgrimmage weekend to Dorset. This is her being sacrificed by Lady Enide, with a stick.

She doesn't look too worried about this.
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There has been considerable interest on Facebook in [livejournal.com profile] ladyofastolat's booklet made for the 1993 Arthurian Pilgrimage. I cut said booklet up and incorporated it into my photo album, so some pictures of the album seemed appropriate for Throwback Thursday.

A couple more shots under the cut )


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