purplecat: Stonehenge (General:Prehistory)

B on the left almost silhouetted against the sunset photographing standing stones.
One of the avenues leading to Avebury at Sunset with bonus B. committing serious photography (in contrast to me and my iPhone)
purplecat: Stonehenge (General:Prehistory)

A view from inside the outer ring at Stonehenge through four stones joined by cross stones at the top, plus a lone stone to the right.  A woman in white stands in the gap in the middle of the joined stones with her back to the camera, facing the golden sunrise

Stonehenge plus a random pagan*.

* I merely assume pagan, but there was ritual drumming from a group of them standing in the stones around the circle and later some meditation with crystals, so I feel moderately confident about the assumption.
purplecat: Stonehenge (General:Prehistory)

Mostly grass and sky though a vague bump is discernable

Windmill Hill, various displays at Avebury were anxious to inform us, is a highly important archeological site, more significant in some ways than Avebury itself.

Unfortunately it does not look like much from the ground...
purplecat: Stonehenge (General:Prehistory)

Sunset over a landscape of standing stones with a mown walkway between them.
Avebury at sunset again - not the stone circle but one of the avenues leading towards sanctuary.
purplecat: A Detail from Joseph Wright of Derby's painting an Experiment on a Bird in an Airpump, showing the scientist and the dying bird in the jar. (General:History)

A very distinctive artificial hill photographed from a path looking across a field
The mysterious Silbury Hill made for reasons unknown by neolithic man.


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