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My second venture into the fanzine world was The Tides of Time. I can't find my copy of issue 1, fortunately [personal profile] sir_guinglain has has archived them all. It surprises me that of all the fanzines that have come, and mostly gone, since the 1980s The Tides of Time is one of the few that still produces issues, albeit on an irregular basis.

I've not been involved with it since issue 7, but [personal profile] sir_guinglain is the currently editor and, I believe, possibly looking for contributions...
purplecat: The Tardis (Doctor Who)

By, I believe, Shaun Young.

Channel D was a tele-fantasy fanzine that ran for several years in the late 1980s. I've no idea quite why I started buying it, I vaguely recall there was a specific reason and I think it was produced by the set of Dr Who fans that included Paul Cornell at the time but I wouldn't want to swear to this. I have about 4 years' worth of issues and even had some Robin of Sherwood fanfiction published in it.


Jan. 28th, 2017 11:25 am
purplecat: The Tardis (Doctor Who)
I have no more word searches to offer. But here is a simple crossword from Issue 2 of the Web Planet.

purplecat: The Tardis (Doctor Who)
The Web Planet (as well as being a first Doctor story) was my first venture into the world of fanzines. I was thirteen. I had a typewriter, I think inherited from my grandfather in some way, and I used that, a liberal application of tracing paper and a certain amount of recycling of other Doctor who material via a version of cut-n-paste that involved actual scissors and actual glue, to create a master copy which my mother would then photocopy at work for me and I distributed at school.

This is the cover of the first issue. You can tell by the 1 in the top corner which is doing its best to be sparkly despite the limitations of pen, ink and photocopiers.

The first issue contains an editorial, a word search, a shamelessly copied and unattributed Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett comic (bad baby purplecat!), short articles on Monsters (Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and the Master) and UNIT and a Quiz, plus a bonus pullout leaflet listing all the Doctors and companions.


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