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Jun. 22nd, 2007 06:13 pm
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I spent the first 3 months on this job designing AIL * - a low level BDI programming languages. Then I wrote a paper about the design and got sent to Hawaii.

I have also spent some time implementing AIL using the Maude Rewriting Logic. Today the first ever AIL agent executed - it wanted to pick something up, it had a plan to pick something up, and it did so (meaning it changed its beliefs so it believed it picked something up, it didn't actually pick something up). You heard it here first folks!!!

* short for Agent Infrastructure Layer. Since one of the other languages we are interested in is an interpreter for AgentSpeak called Jason (which has a painting of the golden fleece as a logo) I briefly considered trying to change the name so the acronym was GRAIL and then going on an Arthurian/Mythology theme. However my boss's eyes rather glazed over at that point so I thought it best to leave well alone.
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"Dear Author(s),

Thank you very much for submitting a paper to CLIMA-VIII. We are
delighted to let you know that your paper is accepted..."

This has to be one of the easiest papers I've ever written. Michael is keen on the use of groups to form multi-agent systems. Key idea: an agent is a group and a group is an agent - all agents can contain and be contained by other agents. This lets groups of agents have plans and goals external to the agents that compose them. Anyway I wrote him some inference rules explaining how this might work in what is known as the operational semantics of a typical BDI (Beliefs, Desires, Intentions) programming language and then left for Hawaii. Sometime while I was away he and his PhD student fleshed it out with some text and an example in a language called AgentSpeak and Presto! one more publication. They even put me down as first author (which means I really should read the paper!!).

"As the authors admit, the whole idea would rather lack a concrete justification in the paper." - ah! the anonymous referees spotted that then!


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