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I have, once again, persuaded Philip Purser-Hallard to pay me cold hard cash to write a story. It's another City of the Saved short story (i.e., another spin off of a spin off of a spin off of Doctor Who) in an anthology entitled Tales of the Civil War which details events after death returns to the denizens of the City of the Saved (where all humans have ended up after their deaths and where, up until this point, they appeared to be immune to physical harm).

This time, it has to be said, the book I purchased for research (a biography of Anne Boleyn) cost more than I was paid. I think I'm currently running about evens on this "professional author" lark.
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Obviously I already am a published author of articles with exciting titles like A Semantic Framework for Socially Adaptive Agents: Towards strong norm compliance and Plan-indexing for State-Based Plans but as of very soon I will be a published author of fiction for which I will have earned the princely sum of enough to buy two books on Ancient Sumeria (tangentially relevant to the story) and a glass of Lidl champagne.

Me with my glass of Lidl champagne )

For those interested in knowing more, it is a short story in Furthest Tales of the City (available for pre-order from http://obversebooks.co.uk/product/furthest-tales/). The City of the Saved stories are, well, a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off of Doctor Who*, published by Obverse Books and edited by [livejournal.com profile] infinitarian (otherwise known as Philip Purser-Hallard) who created the concept. All of humanity has been resurrected in a vast city that exists at the end of our universe and in which death is impossible. Furthest Tales of the City seeks to showcase stories of inhabitants of the city who chafe against even its apparently limitless possibilities.

*put like that its amazing my fee ran to two books and a glass of champagne. Though, given where the money ended up, I think it actually all got spent on yarn.


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