purplecat: The Sixth Doctor (Who:Six)

Paper Doll of Colin Baker: Trousers and Waistcoat but no coat.  He has his hands on his hips and looks a bit cross.  Probably because of the lack of a coat.
You were all waiting for this one with baited breath, I am sure, and yet you will have to wait a little longer to see him in his full glory.
purplecat: Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor (Who:Five)

A paper doll of the fifth doctor in the pierrot costume from Black Orchid
The trousers don't actually cover the legs of the underlying trousers properly but a) you can't see that in this photo and b) you already know that these paper dolls are inadequate as paper dolls.
purplecat: Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor (Who:Five)

There was a hat too, but I think you've seen enough Doctor Who paper dolls with slightly freaky detachable heads....
purplecat: The Fourth Doctor (Who:Four)

Paper Doll of the Fourth Doctor in his outfit from Talons of Weng-Chiang, complete with deerstalker
This is not so much a disaster as the last Fourth Doctor outfit, partly because I have not cut out the card between the legs. Even so you can see some bits of scarf showing through.

Tom Baker

Sep. 25th, 2018 07:49 pm
purplecat: The Fourth Doctor (Who:Four)

Cut out paper doll of the fourth Doctor
This seems slightly out of proportion to me, while the doll doesn't. I must have had the phone at a strange angle.
purplecat: The Third Doctor (Who:Three)

Three Paper Dolls of Doctors 1, 2 and 3.  3 is wearing a read coat cape type thing
All the Paper Doctors are out for REASONS - Reasons mostly to do with impressing G.'s friends, as I understand matters.
purplecat: The second Doctor reading his 500 year diary. (Who:Two)

The Second Doctor Paper Doll.  Outfit consists of a long grey cloak, a grey bandana and sunglasses
This is so Professor Zaroff doesn't recognise him in the marketplace of Atlantis (or so the notes tell me). Wasn't this particular Atlantis underground? Weren't the sunglasses a mite suspicious.

Also note lack of outlines - not sure it works when the Doctor has outlines. We'll have to see when we get to the third Doctor.
purplecat: The second Doctor reading his 500 year diary. (Who:Two)

Photo of a paper doll second doctor holding his recorder. Photo of a paper doll second doctor holding his recorder but now he has a new head overlaid, complete with stove pipe hat.

I do feel these over the head things look quite odd. In fact I think it looks quite odd leaving a little white outline around everything in general. The book doesn't say you're supposed to do that but the presentation sort of suggests you should. I'm wondering if I should go back and remove all the white outlines though...
purplecat: (General:Lego)

A Lego model of a grey-haired lady (with pearls) and the Hubble telescope

I had not previously heard of Nancy G. Roman. She was NASA's first chief of Astronomy (note that is first not first female) and is particularly well-known for her contributions to the Hubble telescope. TBH, I'm absurdly pleased with my Lego Hubble telescope!
purplecat: (General:Lego Rovers)

A lego build of a space shuttle with two minifigs in front of it, one representing Sally Ride and the other Mae Jemison

From the Women of NASA Lego set my sister gave me for my birthday. Sally was America's first woman in space and Mae Jemison was the first woman of colour in space. Both went on to careers in Science Communication and Jemison now leads 100 Year Starship - global initiative developing a business plan to foster research into interstellar travel.
purplecat: The  First Doctor (Who:One)

The First Doctor in a cloak and a black karakul hat.  Behind him is Jill (a paper dolls from the early 1980s).  She is wearing a blue and green striped top  that  comes down to just above the knees, with some kind of orange under dress and green knee length boots.  Her legs are disproportionately long.  She has her hands on her hips and her feet in a most unlikely pose.  The Doctor comes up to her elbow.

This is the first Doctor with Jill. They are wrapped up warm, presumably it is cold. Jill is, I think, a model or an air hostess (not entirely, I suspect, because of chauvanism, but because of the opportunities for outfits presented). She's a bit bigger than the Doctor - so probably something nefarious involving shrink rays is involved.

The First Doctor in a cloak and a white karakul hat.  Behind him is Jane (a paper dolls from the early 1980s).  She is wearing a leopard print coat over a purple dress with a high collar and blue gloves.  Her legs are disproportionately long and  she had a hand on one hip while looks over  her shoulder.  The Doctor comes up to her elbow.

This is the first Doctor with Jane. Again wrapped up against the cold. Jane is also, I think, a model or an air hostess. The Doctor is wearing a white hat because (at least according to my Dr Who Paper Dolls book) this worked better with the special effects in The Web Planet. The shrink ray is clearly still in effect.
purplecat: (General:Lego Rovers)

Lego Margaret Hamliton almost, but not quite, recreating the famous photo of her with the Apollo Guidance Computer source code she and her team wrote.

From my birthday present, Lego women of NASA set. I have a Lego robot named Margaret after her.
purplecat: The  First Doctor (Who:One)

Paper Doll cut outs of the First Doctor and Marylin Monroe

The First Doctor does not yet have any of his outfits - possibly fortunately the Doctor Who paper doll book has opted not to give us the basic doll figures in only their underwear. I've teamed him up with Marylin Monroe because, honestly, they would have been far more awesome together than Eleven and Marylin.


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