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I finally got around to framing and hanging [livejournal.com profile] firin's prints, which I've had for a while. There was some excitement involving the discovery that American centimetres are (like everything else) larger than British centimetres*. At the moment they are hanging in our stairwell which is badly in need of a lick of paint (and has been since we rewired the house in 2007) but we've stalled a little in confusion about getting the hall windows replaced because our listed building status trumps fenster regulations but few tradesmen are prepared to take the risk.

The Prints )

As a bonus I also have photo of the print I gave claraste as a thank you for catering B's birthday and which very nearly made her cry.

Claraste's )

As a side note [livejournal.com profile] firin has concluded that, due to circumstances beyond her control, the business in its current form isn't sustainable and she's having a clearance sale at her Etsy shop.

*B. has pointed out that, in fact, it isn't that their centimetres are larger, it's that when they label something 35x50cm they actually mean 14x20 inches.
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Liz Heffner is an old university friend of mine who moved to the US a few years back in order to get married and start a family. She's been embroidering as long as I've known her, but with the move to the US, and unable to afford to get her nursing qualifications updated to allow her to practice over there, she's been trying to turn her hobby into a business by producing prints of embroidery on Arthurian and Tolkien themes.

You can buy prints of her work at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LizHeffner. Shipping outside the US by reliable carrier is a real bug-bear for her and the shipping costs are high, but she can fit up to four prints in a package and will refund additional postage costs.

At the moment all her capital is tied up in prints of existing work which means she's unable to afford to make prints of her latest piece, Smaug:

Smaug under the Cut )

However she is attempting to gauge serious interest in buying prints of Smaug, and is currently haggling with her printer about getting them made at a reasonable price (Smaug is, apparently, quite large so he's going to have to be shrunk somehow or prints will cost around $130). If someone out there would be seriously interested in buying a print of him feel free to let me know (and at roughly what price) and I'll be happy to pass the message along.


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