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I have heard from the reviewers about the revised version of your
submission to JAR. Based on their comments,
I am happy to inform you that your submission is accepted provided the
following comments in the report can be addressed. Please prepare a
final version and send it to me along with a letter explaining how you
have handled the comments in the report. I will then decide and forward
the final manuscript to the publisher of JAR.

I have been trying to get this paper published in this particular journal since before G was born. I'm not sure quite when I started referring to it as the "Albatross Paper". My boss will be pleased as well. He's not one of the authors, but he'd like to help me improve my publication record and so clearly feels that telling me at regular intervals to get on with rewriting/resubmitting/chasing the progress of the thing is a duty. I'm sure it's a duty he'll be glad to be relieved of.

At this stage the research reported in the paper (an adaption of an automated reasoning technique called Rippling to a more expressive logic) is rapidly reaching the status of historic interest only. But it has irritated me somewhat to see the people currently using the technique, grappling with same problems I did a decade ago, without being able to do more than refer them to a technical report for solutions.


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