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Two rather blurry photos of Notre Dame in a photo album (picture of pictures taken by camera phone).  To be honest the photos would probably not be much improved by being less blurry or scanned in one is a rather uninspiring and slightly wonky shot of the entrance and the a rather murky, and off-centre shot of the rose window

To be honest I am not much affected, beyond a kind of abstract regret, by the fire at Notre Dame. Until I went back just now and looked through my photo album, I wasn't even sure if we'd visited the place on the school trip to Paris I took in the late 1980s (it would seem we did). I would much more regret the loss of the Musee D'Orsay or the Centre de Pompidou both of which I recall far more vividly from the trip.
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Two square photos of myself, probably age around 11, standing in our back garden.  I'm wearing brown velvet trousers, a short red velvet jacket with a white ruff and white gloves, a top hat and a fake goatee beard.  I am carrying a cane

If memory serves, this was in honour of some children's book event at which all attending children were to be dressed as a character from a book. Since Roald Dahl was to preside, I went dressed as Willy Wonka (and at one point I had a signed copy of The Wonderful Tale of Henry Sugar that I acquired as a result).

[livejournal.com profile] sophievdennis went as the Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark and won a prize.

My mother claims I spent a lot of my childhood dressed up as things and considers this an early sign of an interest in Larp. However, as an adult, I notice the amount of work that has gone into that costume (certainly not by me). That red jacket, for instance, was cut down and modified from a cast off coat, and the cane was custom made with silver foil decorating the handle. I am not convinced, therefore, that an interest in dressing up and making costume simply mysteriously appeared out of nowhere in our family on the appearance of the two of us on the scene.
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A page from my photo album.  At the top is the handwritten heading `Trying out my new camera inherited from Uncle John'.  Underneath is a picture of me in a highly floral shirt and jeans standing under a tree next to it the caption says `The Timer'.  There are two cut-out photos of a very fluffy cat, one next to a caption `The Flash'.  There is a photo of my sister walking downstairs.  Lastly there is a photo of a vase  of roses, a blow of plums and a blue glass bottle.  This is captioned `The Award Winning Bottle from 15 North Parade + Apologetic Roses from *name blurred out to protect the guilty*

At some point in 1991, I inherited a camera from my Uncle John which was of considerable better quality and more sophisticated than the one I had had since age 8. It required focusing and, if I remember correctly, adjustment for light levels. I continued to use this camera until the late 90s when I briefly gave up taking photos at all for no real reason that I remember. When I started taking photographs again I moved on to a digital camera.

The cat in question is the previously mentioned Blake, the Liberal Cat. I exercised my democratic rights today which included voting for [personal profile] hollymath (in fact I was pleased to nominate [personal profile] hollymath, though I was slightly bemused why two Liberal Democrats had to schlep around to my house to get me to sign the form when surely there were plenty of people who would have been equally capable and closer).

I have no idea why the bottle was award-winning, nor why KL needed to apologise with roses.
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Blake, pictured here circa 1979 was an extremely fine cat, and very aware of the fact. His mother belonged to the local liberal candidate (this being in the days before the Liberal Party merged with the Social Democrats). He was named after Blake, from Blake's 7 because the cleaning lady said she wouldn't feed a cat called Avon.

It has been, since Saturday, a very Liberal Democrat dominated week. I feel mildly hunted.
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My sister recently discovered that one of her work colleagues went to our school. This seems to have resulted in a certain amount of mutual bonding and an attitude of fear and awe from the rest of the team, not helped when said work colleague described our school as the kind where pupils put on productions of Greek plays - in the original Ancient Greek - for fun. My sister then blamed me for this which is a total calumny, I was roped into one such effort (organised, as it happens by the Greek teacher, not the pupils) as part of a Chorus of Huntsmen.

This is us bringing back the mortally wounded Hippolytus. He had, if memory serves, been gored by a bull and, this being a Greek tragedy, this was all his father's fault at some level. If memory also serves, his dying words to his father were "pray your true-born sons are like me" which, to my judgmental 15 year old mind, meant he was probably not so great a loss to the world as he seemed to think he was.
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[personal profile] nanila recently did a series of throwback thursday post of herself in unlikely metal contraptions from the 1970s. I can't quite compete but here is a picture of me with my grandmother in a 1970s pushchair.

Though I'm sure my parents put me into all sorts of unlikely high chairs and bouncers, just as [personal profile] nanila's parents did to her.
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My first camera had quite a stiff button for taking photos which meant for years about 50% of my shots were blurred. My first attempt at photographing a Christmas tree was clearly no exception.
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I'm currently waiting for my sister to turn up from a conference. I'm just putting this here to say that I'm endlessly amazed, in a quiet way, that our total inability to get along when we were children has translated into a relationship now that is considerably better than that many of my peers have with their siblings.

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I was given my first camera for my 7th Birthday so this is one of the earliest photos I ever took.

The curtains and sofa cushions remain in my parent's kitchen to this day, but somehow contrive to look less completely 70s when not complemented by an array of 1970s party frocks.


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