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The team inform Antares that security are on Trilon actively seeking the missing men. Then they head to Jacques' digs where they are let in by the manager. They are impressed by the squalor. Miho and Andi find a blue gambling chip. It has a Flaming Salamander logo but patina reading reveals a different place: the Weeping Flamingo.

By 5pm it's deep night. The team sit by the entrance to the Weeping Flamingo. After about forty minutes they are approached by a pimp wanting to know if they're competition. Andi says no. She heads off to play poker. Meanwhile Miho and Robert end up being waylaid by a paranoid who is convinced aliens are imitating humans. They take his card, Ronald Grey, Society for something with an acronym. While this is going on they miss the entrance of Jacques.

Fortunately Jacques heads for Andi's poker table. Andi reckons he is patina writing the cards so she starts writes "Komiko. Job. Andi" on four of them. She notices him perform a take when he's dealing. She sneezes conspicuously at which point he faints. Robert notices and demands to be let through as a Doctor. When Jacques comes round the team manage to talk to him. He's run up a lot of debts and the team suggest that Antares might clear them. They get Jim round the front and take Jacques to the residence. Antares agrees to clear Jacques debts and take the money from his wages. Jacques explains that Giles contacts him every three days "at dusk" at about 6-7 in the evening. The next contact will be the 13th.

The next morning Andi's search program pulls up an article about a society woman called Suu Kyi (or Suki) Gonzales in a nearby town attending a premiere. On her arm is her latest toy boy, Gustav Braun. Andi's facial recognition program has matched Gustav to Anton. The team send Gustav a job offer message via Suu Kyi. Andi and Miho fly to the town, arriving late afternoon. There is a message from Gustav agreeing to talk to them about the offer. They meet Gustav at the Green Man at 9pm. Gustav is urbane and polite. He signs on the dotted line of Antares' contract and provides a contact email. He asks who is managing the new team and then leaves. Anton used to be a journalist. He clearly has his own agenda but it doesn't obviously appear to conflict with Antares'. At any rate, at this point, it is presumably Antares' problem.
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I'm going to start posting the diaries I write for our Traveller sessions. These are intended for personal reference and will be back-dated to the day after the gaming session, on the assumption that most people won't be interested.

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