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I was going to start this post with the words "It is very strangeā€¦" but I suspect in the modern age it isn't strange at all, it merely hasn't happened to me before.

At any rate, when I woke up this morning it was to find I had been tweeted (or, at least, mentioned in a tweet)1 by a complete stranger. This alerted me to the fact I had an article in a magazine - Space Safety Magazine in fact2.

To be fair, I did know there was going to be an article in Space Safety Magazine. I even wrote it. I just wasn't really aware that it was imminently due to appear.

Here it is - it appears to be publicly available and is aimed at a more or less general audience: Safe Autonomous Space Software.

1. I'm sorry, I really haven't grasped twitter. I think I was just mentioned, but maybe he was tweeting at me.

2. No, this is really a thing, and presumably not just invented for the opportunity to appear as a guest publication on Have I Got News For You.
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