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In return for some heroic baby-sitting I've agreed to do my brother-in-law's website for him (although given it was his wife that actually did the baby-sitting I'm not sure the benefits are actually going to the correct party!!).

He installs/retrofits automatic doors and access control systems with a particular emphasis on the DDA and disabled access. Therefore his website needs to be more than usually friendly to the disabled user. After a bit of Googling I discover a) that all fonts should be resizeable and the website designed on the assumption that fonts will be resized and b) all navigation menus should appear in the actual text after the main information.

Given said brother-in-law wants a little menu to appear at the top of the page (irrespective of where it comes in the actual text) I'm finding these requirements hard to reconcile. I can't "float" the menu to the top (my first idea) since (according to my textbook) you can only float things left or right. I can't simply tell it to appear at the top using something called absolute positioning because then it overlaps the main text. I could shift the main text down a bit but only if I knew how much space the menu is going to take up (difficult when people may be arbitrarily messing with font size). I'm guessing I may have to appeal to my sister who is actually a professional web designer.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] philmophlegm and a masterly piece of internet detective work (well possibly not that masterly, I'm not exactly difficult to find!!) I now have a second blog - having started another earlier this year at Terapad... and discovered shortly thereafter that I didn't really have much to say for myself.

I guess the advantage of this one is that everyone is here and not on Terapad... although Terapad does have an RSS feed.


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