purplecat: The Eighth Doctor (Who:Eight)

Book Cover for the Infinity Doctors by Lance Parkin.  A White background with the Doctor's Ring showing a swirling galaxy in the large blue stone
The difficulty with this book is where to shelve it since it is clearly intended to be an AU in which the Doctor never left Gallifrey though. Until about halfway through the book, I was kidding myself that I could pretend it was set after he had returned to Gallifrey at some point in the future but no. Anyway, since the Eight Doctor adventures occur in canon in publication order I eventually opted to shelve it among them in publication order.
purplecat: The Thirteenth Doctor and Tards (Who:Thirteen)

Book cover for The women who lived.  Artists drawings of Thirteen (centre), Idris, River, Missy, Osgood, Donna, Clara, Bill, Yaz and Amy.  Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords is the tag line above the names of the authors Christel Dee and Simon Guerrier
Freebie postcard from Vworp!

The teenager got me this book for my birthday on the strength of it being publicised at Vworp! I think we were both a little disappointed with the reality which is capsule biographies of various women in Doctor Who not, as we'd somehow thought, new short stories about them. Still, there is lots of pretty artwork and it's the kind of thing I would have loved as a child/teenager getting into the fandom - though I'm less clear how much demand there is for this kind of thing in the age of the Internet.
purplecat: The Fourth Doctor (Who:Four)

A woman in a blue top holding a knife stands to the left with the fourth Doctor behind her and a third man behind him.  They are standing at some kind of table looking at something out of view.
You can tell it's Leela because she's holding a knife!

From the Doctor Who story Flashback from the 1979 annual.
purplecat: The Fourth Doctor (Who:Four)

Cover for DWM Issue 81.  A still from Shada showing three exaggeratedly aged people in silver outfits.  Below is an inset image of the Fourth Doctor and Romana and the Captions 'Shada The Story you Never Saw!' and 'Behind the Scenes Pictures, Interviews and Features'

Sometimes I see a DWM cover and wonder about the chain of reasoning that made someone think this, of all the images available, was the one most likely to make some random member of the general public pick the magazine up off the stand. Then I'm slightly charmed that either someone thought this, or someone felt that the cover image need only appeal to die hard fans.
purplecat: The second Doctor reading his 500 year diary. (Who:Books)

Cover of the Virgin New Adventures Happy Endings Novel which consists of a picture of Benny and Jason's weddings with misc guests - all well-known faces from Doctor Who (some from the novels) with an ill-advised purple background and a Fiftieth New Adventure stamp in gold.

Paul Cornell has been talking through his experience as a Doctor Who writer one gig at a time in his weekly news letter, in a surprisingly frank fashion. Despite being a member of rec.arts.drwho in the 1990s, a position from which it felt rather as if one had a ring side seat on what certain Dr Who authors were doing, it transpires I was relatively unaware of much that was happening behind the scenes. That said, I imagine there is still much he is missing out. He's just reached the first of his novels for the BBC books so it feels fitting to post the cover of the last of this Dr Who New Adventures (though he wrote the first Benny novel in between).

Happy Endings is a funny book. When the Dr Who Book Club read it they noted that it was almost impossible to understand without a fairly encyclopaedic knowledge of what had gone before. It's about Benny's wedding to Jason Kane, a romance I was never all that fond of, though its major crime (like much of the New Adventures, frankly) is inconsistent character development across books.

You can sign up for Paul's newletters from his website though I should note that this week's newsletter is somewhat atypical since it is dominated by a recent family bereavement (consider this also a content warning).
purplecat: The Tardis (Doctor Who)

Line drawing of one panel of the Tardis console.  Controls and switches are labelled from 1 to 10

This is from DWM 79. The accompanying text states that, inspired by the Dr Who Technical Manual doing something similar for the 1980s console, the uncredited author(s) have examined the Hartnell and Troughton episodes in order to construct a reference of what all the controls and instruments on the Tardis console do. I can't quite work out to what extent I believe this reconstruction is entirely based on televised episodes. The modern magazine would lovingly reference each deduction, including discussion of any discrepancies and there is none of that here and some of the text doesn't ring any bells with me in terms of things I recall happening in stories. But still, for what it's worth in the above the labels refer to the following:

1. The Audio Unit.
2. Indicator Lights (the function of each one is detailed).
3. Course acceptance Unit. As I understand matters this is some kind of check on whether you've inputed correct destination coordinates.
4. Safety Precaution Switch. An invention of the Doctor's (no less) this stops the Tardis landing anywhere it might get destroyed. I find the concept that a) this does not come as standard in Tardises and b) that it apparently has to be activated after every take off somewhat alarming.
5. Materialization Switch.
6. The Stasis Switch. I confess I have no understanding of the text accompanying this. It seems to have something to do with the idea that the Tardis doesn't dematerialise if only travelling in time - but why you need a switch for that is beyond me.
7. Materialization Switch. Yes, another one. It is not clear what happens if you activate one and not the other.
8. Auto-Log indicator. Lights up if the auto-log has overriden the Navigational Instruments apparently.
9. Navigational Control. Allows you to program coordinates in binary (which rather suggests there are only 128 locations in the whole of time and space).
10. Co-Ordinate Programmer. Apparently the navigational control sets the coordinate from galactic zero while this sets the "normal digital reference". The reason you need both is not clear...

As for Panels 2 to 6... well I may post them sometime.
purplecat: Jo from Doctor Who.  Text says Jo Grant Secret Agent. (Who:Jo)

double spread artwork from the start of a story called Dark Intruders.  It shows the third Doctor and Jo (with short hair which looks green but is probably intended to be blonde and big round sunglasses framed against a reddish-purple planet.  In front of them is a montage of two astronauts and a scene of a splashdown capsule from a rocket afloat on water with the two astronauts being rescued by tow men in a yellow dinghy.

The 1973 Dr Who annual has these rather nice montage artworks at the start of several stories. The woman with green (though it was probably intended to be blonde hair is almost certainly meant to be Jo Grant. It wasn't exactly unusual for companions to look nothing like the actresses that played them in the Dr Who annuals since, as I understand matters, the artists often had no reference material to work from. However I do not believe this to have been the case in 1973.

Ponderings and more pictures under the cut )
purplecat: The Seventh Doctor (Who:Seven)

A New Adventures book cover for Oh No it Isn't! by Paul Cornell.  It depicts Wolsey the cat in thigh length boots and a double carrying a gun and Benny dressed as a pantomime boy

There has been a certain amount of chatter in, admittedly fairly rarified, parts of the Internet about how this month marks the 20th Anniversary of the first appearance of Benny Summerfield in audio (her first appearance in a Dr Who novel was 1992, and her first solo novel was 1997). I've never been much of an audio person so the above is the cover of her first solo novel that was adapted into her first audio adventure. I had forgotten but was reminded by The All New Adventures of the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast that the scene depicted on the cover is a joke from the book itself in which Wolsey the cat (temporarily transformed into a Puss in Boots type character) randomly picks up a gun and stares into the middle distance in order to generate an interesting cover image.
purplecat: The second Doctor reading his 500 year diary. (Who:Two)

A comic panel showing the second Doctor pulling a cable out of the chest unit of a Mondasian Cyberman.  The Doctor is saying `Only five minutes left... no time for mercy!' while the distressed looking Cyberman says `A-A-A-A-H! Alarm.. Alert all Cybermen! A-A-A-A-AH!'
You know, while the Doctor on the television has been both merciless and violent, I'm not sure I can quite picture him ever declaring that there was no time for mercy.
purplecat: The  First Doctor (Who:One)

William Hartnell stands on the left, there is a boy who may well have freckles and buck teeth standing next to him in school blazer, and a woman on the right with a 1960s bob cut and white polo neck jumper.  Hartnell and the woman are jointly holding a white sheet of paper and staring top right looking frightened/concerned.  The boy just looks really happy.

According to the caption in DWM, this is William Hartnell on Junior Points of View in 1964. The boy in the middle is Stephen Qualtrough from Liverpool and the woman is presenter Sarah Ward. I've no idea if Points of View is still a thing (Wikipedia tells me it still is) - there certainly was no longer a junior version when I was growing up, but I recall both Barry Took and later Ann Robinson presenting viewers' letters and sometimes BBC responses from my teenage years.
purplecat: The second Doctor reading his 500 year diary. (Who:Two)

Target Book Cover for Enemy of the World by Ian Carter.  Shows Astrid in her futuristic spy security gear and, I think, Giles Kent, at a desk full of switches and monitors with volcanos erupting in the background.

Incidentally, my Facebook Connect link from LJ keeps failing. I keep re-enabling it and fiddling with settings but without success - the last failure was complaining about permissions. It's not a big deal since only public posts get cross-posted, those are mostly random Dr Who pictures, and I'm not sure my facebook friends are all that interested in them, but it is annoying so I was wondering if anyone was experiencing anything similar and, if so, if they had a fix.
purplecat: The  First Doctor (Who:One)

Also I ain't dead, in case any of you were wondering about the minimal posting for the last two weeks.


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