Dec. 29th, 2017 04:41 pm
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The Rubric: Reply to this post with "PORGS!" and I will pick three of your icons for you to talk about in your own journal, and then keep the meme going by making this offer on your post.

Why PORGS I don't know, though as comical animals in the Star Wars universe go, there are worse offenders. Mind you, I like the ewoks so what do I know?

[personal profile] kayim gave me these three icons.

Stephen Hart from Primeval.  Behind him can vaguely be seen a shield and some indecipherable text with the heading Bodyguard

This is an icon of Stephen Hart from Primeval made by [profile] crazypandabear who used to make these wonderful icons in a style which, I confess, I spent several years unsuccessfully trying to emulate. She made just one batch of Primeval icons and I use and re-use several of them. As for Stephen himself, he's hugely popular in the fandom though not actually one of my personal favourite characters.

Naomi from The Expanse.  She is holding onto an upright beam or similar and there is writing superimposed suggesting equations of the motion of planets and orbits

This is Naomi from The Expanse by [profile] swanee. I like the show The Expanse a lot for its thoughtful approach to near future space opera, in fact I've started eyeing up the books it is based on and considering adding them to the endless "to read" pile. Oddly The Expanse feels sufficiently self-contained that I've not really been inspired to go seek out fanfic (and that doesn't seem to just be me - it didn't get any fics that I can find in this year's Yuletide despite being the sort of show you'd expect to be popular with Yuletiders).

The Tardis on green grass against a blue sky with the words Any Time Anywhere

I made this one myself. It is based on an icon I made in my early LJ days and then somehow lost, so I had to recreate it and, with more advanced iconing skills tweaked the colours a little. I don't "think" the caption is actually a quote though I was thinking at the time of, I think Paul Magrs' comment, that the Tardis is really a magic door into different genres of storytelling and while "Any Time Anywhere" can just as easily refer to its in-show function as a time and space machine, it sort of suggests to me the wider idea of the Tardis being the framing device that can lead you into any kind of story.


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