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The Jadepagoda mailing list had a long and agonised debate a few years back, before new Who came along and changed everything. The debate went something along the lines of "Who fans will buy any old tat with the logo on, therefore BBC books publish any old tat. If we, as Who fans, only bought the books by the authors we actually like then possibly the quality might improve and even if it didn't we wouldn't have wasted money on books we knew in advance that we wouldn't like." While I recognised the validity of this argument I couldn't quite bear the idea of not being able to say "I have every Doctor Who novel and novelisation on my bookshelf". However, I eventually, with much indecision, decided I didn't need every officially published Doctor Who Short Story on my bookshelves, especially since the "Short Trips" collections by which these were primarily published were generally rather dull and inispiring. So, with much pride, I heroically cancelled my subscription. But then I began to hear rumblings, also on Jadepagoda, that "Short Trips: Time Signature" was actually rather good. And, mostly, it is.

More including mild spoilers, though nothing I hadn't guessed after the end of the third story, under the cut )

Old Friends

Jun. 8th, 2007 04:14 pm
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I can't quite decide if there is any point in reviewing a run of the mill Bernice Summerfield book here. One of you might decide to pick up a good one if I recommended it but I don't suppose any of you would be disposed to read one otherwise so there seems little point in informing you that "this one's a bit naff" but here goes anyway.

To recap Benny Summerfield is a space faring, archelogist, former companion of the Doctor who proved sufficiently popular to generate her own series of spin off novels.

Revew of Old Friends )


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