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It was the end of my first year at university. I went on holiday in a ramshackle minibus with an assorted bunch of Arthurians. The sun shone. We went south.

Lizard Point, Cornwall
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Blake, pictured here circa 1979 was an extremely fine cat, and very aware of the fact. His mother belonged to the local liberal candidate (this being in the days before the Liberal Party merged with the Social Democrats). He was named after Blake, from Blake's 7 because the cleaning lady said she wouldn't feed a cat called Avon.

It has been, since Saturday, a very Liberal Democrat dominated week. I feel mildly hunted.
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Having just visiting [livejournal.com profile] firin in Pennsylvania I went looking for early photos of her. The earliest ones I seem to have are of the 1990 Arthurian Pilgrimmage weekend to Dorset. This is her being sacrificed by Lady Enide, with a stick.

She doesn't look too worried about this.
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My sister recently discovered that one of her work colleagues went to our school. This seems to have resulted in a certain amount of mutual bonding and an attitude of fear and awe from the rest of the team, not helped when said work colleague described our school as the kind where pupils put on productions of Greek plays - in the original Ancient Greek - for fun. My sister then blamed me for this which is a total calumny, I was roped into one such effort (organised, as it happens by the Greek teacher, not the pupils) as part of a Chorus of Huntsmen.

This is us bringing back the mortally wounded Hippolytus. He had, if memory serves, been gored by a bull and, this being a Greek tragedy, this was all his father's fault at some level. If memory also serves, his dying words to his father were "pray your true-born sons are like me" which, to my judgmental 15 year old mind, meant he was probably not so great a loss to the world as he seemed to think he was.
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[personal profile] nanila recently did a series of throwback thursday post of herself in unlikely metal contraptions from the 1970s. I can't quite compete but here is a picture of me with my grandmother in a 1970s pushchair.

Though I'm sure my parents put me into all sorts of unlikely high chairs and bouncers, just as [personal profile] nanila's parents did to her.
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My first camera had quite a stiff button for taking photos which meant for years about 50% of my shots were blurred. My first attempt at photographing a Christmas tree was clearly no exception.
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This is me as Mrs Muddle in the OULES Christmas pantomime of, I think, 1992. OULES spent most of its time touring old peoples' homes in the Oxfordshire area and singing medlies of songs, but at Christmas we would produce a pantomime which we took around local primary schools, childrens' homes and childrens' wards in hospitals. This was not the pantomime for which we got the immortal review "the acting veers from the timidly embarrassed to the outrageously ham somehow managing to miss basic competence in the middle" but I suspect the standard was similar. I have a feeling my performance was at the "outrageously ham" end of the scale.

Should anyone be in Manchester tommorrow evening and anywhere near [twitter.com profile] EagleInnSalford then you can judge if my acting has improved since for (aided and abetted by [twitter.com profile] CiaranHodgers) I'll be performing a piece about Ethics and Autonomous Systems as part of Experimental Words, a series of team-ups between poets and scientists laid on by Manchester Science Festival.

NB. Attempts by certain parties to make me break into the Pizzazz the Garden Gnome song at this juncture will not succeed. You know who you are!
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I have found some more Edinburgh LARP photos and these ones even (*gasp at the new fangled-ness of it all*) have an accompanying CD with them all on.

I think these must be NPCS (it would be difficult to get a party all to wear matching tartan shoulder sashes). Note youthful looking B. on the far left.
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I'm currently waiting for my sister to turn up from a conference. I'm just putting this here to say that I'm endlessly amazed, in a quiet way, that our total inability to get along when we were children has translated into a relationship now that is considerably better than that many of my peers have with their siblings.

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The first president on the left and the second on the right on the occasion of the second stepping down. Presented because in an idle moment today I googled the second president and found someone I think may be him on LinkedIn, though said person seems to be a very serious insolvency practioner which I find difficult to reconcile with a man who used to shout Lousiesie across the room at me. He also looks wierdly like Riley Finn from Buffy which is more than a little disconcerting.

Have sent a message via LinkedIn. We shall see if it's really him.
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I took very few photos when I lived in Edinburgh, most of the ones I did take were of LARPing (and even most of those seem to have gone astray at some point). We had a tiny site so lots of the photos are close up to avoid showing bits of Edinburgh, but this one must have been taken at a careful angle and manages to suggest the Highlands.

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I was given my first camera for my 7th Birthday so this is one of the earliest photos I ever took.

The curtains and sofa cushions remain in my parent's kitchen to this day, but somehow contrive to look less completely 70s when not complemented by an array of 1970s party frocks.
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There has been considerable interest on Facebook in [livejournal.com profile] ladyofastolat's booklet made for the 1993 Arthurian Pilgrimage. I cut said booklet up and incorporated it into my photo album, so some pictures of the album seemed appropriate for Throwback Thursday.

A couple more shots under the cut )


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