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A man, sitting on a bench, looking very pleased with himself, wearing a Manchester Marathon T-Shirt

This is JayManCan who cycled past me in the park one day when I was running. Strava has this "flyby" feature where you can see runners or cyclists you passed on your route and he friended me. Against all the advice of many Internet gurus I friended him back. He ran the Manchester Marathon the weekend before last and we caught up at Park Run on Saturday. I don't think he enjoyed it any more than I enjoyed my first marathon, but at least he didn't leave the T-Shirt behind on the train!
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Small Kit Robot.  Most is out of focus but the ultrasonic sensor, looking a bit like two eyes is gazing up at the camera.

Admittedly I mostly purchased it because I couldn't face going through the official work purchasing procedure and I needed it in a hurry. But now I have robot that is all mine and not, in some sense, on loan from work.
purplecat: ARC badge from Primeval (Primeval:ARC)
I visited Surrey Space Centre last week and it so happens that the building used as the ARC in Primeval is directly on the route between Guildford Train Station and Surrey Space Centre. Obviously I took selfies, though I wish I'd remembered to smile!!

Me squinting outside the ARC with bonus extra finger obscuring part of lens

More photos under the cut )
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A girl and a boy, both standing.  A Lego Robot has just reached the girl's feet while the boy operates the control pad.

Two inquiries about Lego Rovers have come from primary schools in Huyton in the past week. There is obviously some kind of Teacher whisper-network there that has just found out about me. My best guess is that I ran an after school club session in a high school out there last term and the primaries have found out about it somehow or it might be the primary school in Widnes I'm visiting next month who found out about me because of the sessions we ran at Speke Hall in the summer.

Mind you, this picture is from a school in West Derby that I visited last week. The are trying out a "challenge" I set them where they have to see how close they can get the robot to each without actually touching - made more difficult by the fact that control of the robot is on the Earth-Moon communications delay.
purplecat: The Avengers (MCU) (MCU)
For the last two and half years or so I've been playing Marvel Avengers Academy on my phone. It's basically a scheduling game - all the Avengers are University Students and need to be told what to do with their time - in which you collect characters, costumes, buildings and random bits of decor.

They announced just before Christmas that it will stop on 4th February, so I've been frantically levelling people up to get all their stories & outfits and, of course, taking screen shots:

This is Black Widow in her halloween outfit. Although mostly I've played the game without spending money for extra bonuses, I did throw some money at purchasing extra boxes of goodies in the hope I'd get this costume out of one of them (which I did, just at the last minute before the offer went away).

I don't think I had to spend money on the Tardis - well in game money, but that can be earned by scheduling.
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B. in a deerstalker, with a magnifying glass, reading the rules

B. got me the Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective boardgame for my birthday. He had to buy it second hand and for reasons that are not entirely clear the vendor threw in a toy deerstalker, magnifying glass, and fake pipe. The magnifying glass actually proved quite useful - neither of our eyesight is what it was.

We kind of beat the first case. In that we figured out the solution but were confused by some of the details...
purplecat: The Tardis (Doctor Who)

Sir Guinglain stands holding his book and his notes, next to a projection screen displaying his title slide: The Time Warrior, Notes from a Black Archive by Matthew Kilburn
First time I had revisited Doc Soc since 1992 (I think). Much was the same, though a data projector and screen make a welcome change from a telly that had to be physically carried into the room.
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A sunken bath with no dead mice in it
I do also have one of the dead mice because my office mate, E., insisted I take one and send it to her on WhatsApp, but I'm assuming the rest of you don't want to see this.
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A photo of me holding a small robot

I needed a photo of myself "at work" this week for a fact sheet resource for schools. After a bit of faffing, B and I found a clear piece of wall in our house and B took several photos of me holding a Pi2Go robot.
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I've no pictures from last week so have another from the week before. This is the approach to Housesteads fort from the East. Imagine what that must have been like when both wall and fort walls were more than a couple of feet high!


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