purplecat: The second Doctor reading his 500 year diary. (Who:Books)

Fury from the Deep book cover.  An oil rig in the background with bright green seaweed in the foreground.  The writing proclaims this is a classic adventure of the second doctor now a bumper volume!

Given all the moving of books currently taking place, this was the most accessible Target novelisation when the random picture generator said "Target Book Cover". I feel it has the potential to be quite an atmospheric image but the seaweed is a little unconvincing.
purplecat: The second Doctor reading his 500 year diary. (Who:Two)

Target Book Cover for Enemy of the World by Ian Carter.  Shows Astrid in her futuristic spy security gear and, I think, Giles Kent, at a desk full of switches and monitors with volcanos erupting in the background.

Incidentally, my Facebook Connect link from LJ keeps failing. I keep re-enabling it and fiddling with settings but without success - the last failure was complaining about permissions. It's not a big deal since only public posts get cross-posted, those are mostly random Dr Who pictures, and I'm not sure my facebook friends are all that interested in them, but it is annoying so I was wondering if anyone was experiencing anything similar and, if so, if they had a fix.
purplecat: The  First Doctor (Who:One)

Also I ain't dead, in case any of you were wondering about the minimal posting for the last two weeks.
purplecat: The Sixth Doctor (Who:Six)

A Target Book Cover.  It has the Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who logo and a legend in the top right corner that reads `The Missing Episodes'.  The book title is The Ultimate Evil and the author is Wally K Daly.  The picture shows a generic blue-green planet with what frankly looks like a death star hovering above it and shooting it with a red ray.  Below this is a diamond shape with some kind of slug/frog alien wearing a pink jacket.  Next to this is a circle showing a bit of the Tardis console.  Below this is a scene of the Tardis in fog.  This is not quite as much of a disastrous mish-mash visually as the description makes it sound.

Target put out three novelisations of stories that were commissioned for the cancelled series 23 of which this is the only one by an unknown writer/producer and not featuring an returning villain. Wally K. Daly has a minimal wikipedia entry which nevertheless suggests he was an interesting writer of Radio plays. I recall almost nothing about the book beyond it was the weakest of the three stories (all of which were weak, suggesting somewhat that they were quickly written up from half-finished ideas or at least early drafts rather than adapted from completed scripts) and that the alien villain seemed to be something of a duplicate of the popular Sil character from the previous season (and who appeared in the third of these novelisations).
purplecat: The Tardis (Doctor Who)

Survival has always felt like a thoughtful story that the show, at the time, didn't have the resources to do justice to.

I'll be interested to see in a few (10?) weeks' time how, nearly 30 years later, Rona Munro's next script fares.
purplecat: The Tardis (Doctor Who)

This was one of the first novelisations I ever bought (though I already had The Abominable Snowman - IIRC I bought this one because I recognised the yeti on the cover) and it completely terrified me. I seem to recall setting it aside because I couldn't continue it, and eventually got through it by reading backwards from the end in chunks.

It doesn't seem that scary these days.


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