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I realise I'm somewhat late to the party on this one, but there wasn't quite enough buzz about the first Hobbit movie when it came out to persuade us it was worth the time and effort involved in getting to a cinema, so we only just saw it, courtesy of LoveiFilm.

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... a lot better than expected.
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I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I've been running a (more or less) Warhammer game based on Oxrandir's Kin-Strife MERP module. I've been running it once a month (in good months) since just after we moved into this house and it finally came to an end last weekend.

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Of course they now want a follow up. I'm thinking about it. If I do one then I'll be ditching the Warhammer system, though I'll be keeping Fate points which I think are an excellent idea (always assuming you aren't that interested in actually killing the characters). I don't know what they'll do - Ragnor appears to be strangely keen on the idea of some kind of fact-finding camping trip into Mordor, and there's always Angmar as well I suppose, not to mention, I believe, a rather good MERP module set in Tharbad.
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I've accepted a challenge/tag meme from [livejournal.com profile] parrot_knight to write about the year of his choice. It must be said I was a little alarmed to get given 1979, my memory that far back isn't so accurate that I can be sure what happened in 1979 and what happened in the surrounding years.

1979 )

So that is what I can recall of 1979. Or at least what I can recall which, with the aid of Wikipedia, I'm fairly certain happened in 1979. The deal now is that you can ask me to nominate a year for you in the comments...


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