Sep. 6th, 2010 07:49 pm
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I've just re-enabled Facebook connect (I think without getting comments cross-posted although who knows!). This is a test to see what it's doing.

Incidentally I'm not under the illusion that I can force anyone with access to a flocked entry not to discuss its contents with others any more than I can prevent anyone repeating a private conversation I have with them face to face, although I reserve the right to take a dim view of such behaviour (depending, of course, upon what is discussed and with whom). I can see that livejournal's new and exciting ticky boxes increase the likelihood that flocked information could be exposed by mistake but I suspect the possibility for something really incriminating getting out are small. Obviously, if it does turn out to be a problem, I shall be turning off commenting on livejournal and restricting it to Dreamwidth only but I very much doubt it'll come to that. I mean you are all sensible enough not to tick a ticky box simply because it's there, right?
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Anyone know exactly how the album privacy settings on facebook work? I've all my albums set to "Friends Only" for a variety of reasons so was a little disturbed this morning to find a comment on one from someone not on my friends list.

It's fine because, in this case, she is actually a friend, but I'm a little perturbed she was able to do this, presumably because a mutual friend was tagged in the album.

Does this mean if you tag someone in a photo suddenly all their friends can also see this photo? Because this makes me feel a little reticent about tagging people in future - not everyone wants their LARPing past advertised to their current social circle.
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I was rather touched when [livejournal.com profile] claraste and [livejournal.com profile] gilaed told me on Friday that part of their Torchwood watching ritual had involved reading my reviews afterwards, though I suspect they do this via the feed onto Facebook than on LJ itself. Induction Scheme Speculator, who I don't believe has an LJ identity, is also reading them on Facebook and wrote me an very interesting message following my Partner's in Crime review. Apart from revealing there is some point to Facebook beyond poking people and a version of Desktop Tower Defence I haven't yet beaten, I was curious to discover I had this separate audience for reviews. I know most of the active LJers on my flist read them too, but most of them are almost certainly also reading [livejournal.com profile] parrot_knight's reviews (and probably half a dozen others) so I don't feel I'm particularly contributing anything.

I'd also been half considering stopping the reviews. I'm not convinced they necessarily improve my viewing experience, especially given the tendency for stories in the New Who stable to fall apart when poked with a stick. I think instead I just need to work harder to decide when this matters and when it does not (so much).
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Maarten Schadd (with co-authors Mark Winands, Jaap van den Herik and Huib Aldewereld) gave a talk whose primary interest, from my POV, was that the bricks breaking game on Facebook is NP-Complete.

I'm going to have to explain that aren't I.

A P-time puzzle is one which, to all intents and purposes, can be solved quickly (according to a technical definition of quick). An NP-time puzzle is one in which, if you have the right answer, you can check it is right quickly but you can't necessarily find the right answer quickly. No one knows if P=NP though most people suspect not. Field medals will be won and a lot of research will get torn up if it turns out that P does equal NP.

I rather like bricks breaking.
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The trick with facebook friends seems to be to look at their friends list and see if you know any.

So I'm looking at the friends list of someone who I meant through Dr Who fanfiction and who very kindly included a story of mine in a charity fanfiction anthology he edited.

There is the PhD student I left behind when I quit Nottingham...

Said PhD student equally surprised.


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