purplecat: A Crocheted Afghan Square Blanket (General:Crochet)

Blue crochet blanket of many squares on a bed

2018 was the third year I participated in the Moogly Crochet-a-long (it releases the pattern for a crochet square every 2 weeks) and above is the finished result. It won't be staying on the bed because it hasn't yet been cold enough this winter to necessitate a blanket (or possibly fixing the broken window pane in the bedroom has made all the difference).
purplecat: A Crocheted Afghan Square Blanket (General:Crochet)

Having enjoyed the Moogle crochet-along so much in 2016, I did it again in 2017 (only this time actually starting in January along with everyone else). The final blanket produced just in time for the 2018 one to begin!
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I've been following the Moogly Crochet Blog for a while and found myself increasingly taken with the fortnightly squares that were being posted as part of their "crochet-a-long" so, once I had finished B's vast crochet thing, I set about making the 2016 sqaures (this was in August, there was a lot of frantic catch-up crocheting). In theory I was using leftover bits of wool, but I ran out of these about halfway through and had to buy more - this became increasingly stressful since the original supply of wool I had acquired on the cheap because it wasn't being produced any more.

Anyway, the final result is this blanket:

I have already started on the first of the 2017 squares and have bought all the wool except for one colour I am as yet undecided about.


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