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I enjoyed this a lot. I'm inclined to agree with [livejournal.com profile] lil_shepherd that it isn't as good as the first Avengers Movie or Captain America: Winter Soldier (I'm less enamoured of Iron Man than she is) but is definitely better than a good number of the other Marvel movies though I'm not much into detailed rankings.

NLSS Child reports that it isn't as good as Guardians of the Galaxy but is her second favourite movie. It is interesting (to me) that these are the two she has seen at the cinema rather than on the TV which may say something about the way the movies are filmed and constructed. NLSS Child explains her preference by saying that none of the Avengers are as good as Peter Quill, Gamora, Groot or Rocket though she allows that some of them may be better than Drax.

None of the things I was really afraid they would do happened, and one thing I assumed they wouldn't do because it wouldn't carry enough emotional punch actually worked really well. I liked the new characters that were introduced (I'm not a comics person so they were all new to me and needed to justify their place from scratch) - Vision was probably the one I had least time for but I think I tend to prefer the less over-the-top powerful characters. I'm actually quite stoked about the new Avengers line-up revealed at the end. I thought the fight scenes were, on the whole, a bit repetitive but they had some nice moments.

In summary I think I'd say it's a good movie if you like this sort of thing, but its not going to convert any sceptics.


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