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I'm going to keep editing this post as a reference to all the places we know B's 15 minutes of fame is running.

  • Today Programme (approx 6.50am)

  • BBC 1 O'clock News

  • Running regularly on BBC News 24

  • Sky News Live (approx 11.45am)

  • ITN News (time unknown)

  • Channel 4 News

  • Newsround - Whee!

  • Al-Jazeera UK.

  • Reuters is carrying the story

  • The Times (front page), The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Metro, Manchester Evening News

  • BBC Radio: World Service and 5 Live, various "Drive Time" programmes this afternoon (co-author), Radio 2 Armed Services (in which B. outrageously and entirely without evidence asserted that T-Rex tasted like chicken).

  • Local Radio: Cambridgeshire (complete with dinosaur crashing through jungle sounds), Coventry, Peterborough (co-author), Birmingham, Merseyside (co-author), BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, BBC Three Counties

  • New Scientist - not yet appeared

B. has also been told off for not mentioning the magic words "University of Manchester", "Faculty of Life Sciences" and "together with Colleagues from Earth Sciences" often enough. The University Press Officer has now met his annual quota for Manchester press coverage so is, nevertheless, a basically happy bunny.

Links I've found so far with a little help from Google News (most of the ones lower down the list are just taking it verbatim from the press release or via one of the new feeds):

Basking in reflected glory, reviewing papers and ignoring the kitchen floor.
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