Nov. 28th, 2018

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Reading: Both After the Dinosaurs: The Age of Mammals by Donald Prothero and Ninefox Gambit by [personal profile] yhlee mostly because although the former is above the latter in my "to read" pile, Prothero has a habit of getting a bit list-y in places and only really perks up when it gets an opportunity to denounce those who think mass extinctions are caused by asteroids.

Listening: I upped my podcast selection in order to listen to reviews of the latest Who season, so was adding Radio Free Skaro, This Week in Time Travel and The Ood Cast to my list. That was a bit much so I've dropped This Week in Time Travel mostly because I prefer the more free-flowing presentation style of Radio Free Skaro and The Ood Cast is worth it for the songs (and sometimes for the comedy sketches).

Watching: Doctor Who which I will no doubt finally get around to reviewing long after it has finished showing. In general though I'm feeling about this much as I felt about the Eccleston season. A couple of standout episodes, but a lot of the stories, particularly those written by the show runner, leave me a bit cold - I mean, I can see why the people who love them love them, but they are not really my sort of Doctor Who.


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