Oct. 2nd, 2016

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Sunday: Left Oxford fairly early to be back in Manchester by lunch time and thus able to complete some chores.

Monday: Prepared Journal version of our COIN paper, sent an email with questions to co-authors (none of them have replied!)

Tuesday: EEE have specific lab time timetabled in for their final year project students. Since I don't have a office suitable for meetings I told my students I'd be there with equipment which I duly doled out. I then proceeded to be clueless in the face of questions and forms but I'm feeling fairly unrepentant about this since I've spent a fair amount of time asking EEE for information on how they run projects and not received much in reply. I can see its a bit distressing for the students but, frankly, if they give the department poor feedback as a result that will probably be far more effective than me complaining. Went to a networking event by the Liverpool Women in Science and Engineering organisation after work (partly because they've been very good at publicising my stuff) and was surprised to find it actually useful for networking.

Wednesday: Violin Lesson. Dental Appointment. Got some details of Lego Rover stuff sorted in between.

Thursday: Finally got an email from EEE with details about project deliverables. Spent the morning composing a long email to my students with suggestions for how they should complete the first deliverable and giving them deadlines for getting drafts to me if they want comments. Spent the afternoon grappling with a draft thing (I can't really describe it as a poem) from the poet with which I have been matched for Experimental Words trying to at least inject something into it that is related to what I actually do. Went home and drank more wine than I should have.

Friday: I do not recommend running 10k while hungover. Nevertheless went out for lunch with B. and got a small amount of work done.

Saturday: Went to park run and actually met someone with whom I've only interacted via Strava (he cycled past me once). Cleaned the bathroom. Did miscellaneous admin related to the school (forms for a school trip (including ordering an EHIC card), misc stuff related to Speech Night, made G. sign their honesty policy ("but I signed this last year")). Fixed lights to my bicycle. Cooked Pasta with Roast Vegetable Sauce from Two Fat Vegetarians for supper. Watched Pacific Rim.


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