Jun. 22nd, 2016

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Reading: Myth-Understandings - an anthology from NewCon Press. I picked up three of their anthologies at the Eastercon before last and this is the second I've read. The first I felt suffered from big names in SF failing to turn in their best work. I've only read the first story in this, Owl Speak by Storm Constantine which I found decidedly meh...

Listening: Fangirl Happy Hour, another podcast recommendation. I listened to an episode a few weeks back and wasn't terribly impressed (it consisted of a lot of hand-wringing about the Hugos without, I felt, really adding to the conversation) but thought I would give it another go. I'm still not sure. It seems to assume a greater interest in the presenters than the subject matter than Verity does, but the next episode will be about Captain America:Civil War so I'll give it at least until I've heard that.

Watching: Somewhat to our surprise we watched the final episode of Warehouse 13. I say surprise, since we were aware we'd only just started watching season 5. A little googling revealed that Season 5 only had 6 episodes but didn't reveal why (the only website I found said they had "run out of money" which makes no sense given what I understand about how TV show seasons are funded and commissioned). The only thing I could think of was that seasons 1-3 were each 13 episodes, but season 4 was 20 episodes, adding an extra 6 for season 5 gives them a multiple of 13 episodes in total, which I assume has some benefit in terms of packaging for repeats and resales, though what eludes me rather. It's a shame its ended though, we enjoyed it a lot. I'm wondering if The Librarians might have a similar vibe to it.


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