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It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript entitled "Verifying Autonomous Systems" in its current form for publication in Communications of the ACM. The comments of the reviewer(s) who reviewed your manuscript are included at the foot of this letter.

Thank you for your fine contribution. On behalf of the Editors of the Communications of the ACM, we look forward to your continued contributions to the magazine. You will hear from us in a few months, when the paper is slated for production.

Communications of the ACM is a magazine style publication, rather than an academic journal though our paper was still peer reviewed. However it was written more as an overview/survey style paper describing our approach to the verification of autonomous systems. In it my boss basically pulled together a description of the verification work we did during the Engineering Autonomous Space Systems project and another project he had running on the Certification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It's a three author paper by my boss, myself and the RA on the UAV project.

I'm really pleased to have had two paper acceptances in such a short space of time. I didn't get any papers published in 2012 and the papers I published in 2011 were mostly "legacy" papers from previous project rather than current work. Mind you when I expressed concern about this in my PDR, my boss just teased me gently and pointed out that I preferred the programming aspect of my job to churning out papers just because. He also said he wasn't worried about it and observed that we had a lot of papers submitted or in preparation at the time and so things were likely to pick up. It looks like he was right.


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