Jun. 19th, 2016

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Got back from Cheltenham Science Festival around 10pm on Sunday having been let out early because of flooding (or at least damping) of the tent floor.

Monday: Wrote an assembly for Key Stage 3 (on working in Computing and Robotics, with a sub-message of suggested subjects to take at GCSE, and a subliminal message about how women can program too (I had resisted the request to provide an assembly about "encouraging girls into computing")). Submitted a paper.

Tuesday: Just delivered Key Stage 3 Assembly (no thanks to the closure of the Mancunion Way, resulting in a certain amount of frantic emailing while in stationary traffic). Attended departmental Away Day and so had the pleasure of hearing a colleague hypothesise that maybe girls don't take Computer Science because computing jobs have a reputation for being hard work and involving long hours. Bit my tongue, but did flag it quietly to a few people higher up the hierarchy than myself.

Wednesday: Decided the department could live without my presence at the 9am meeting with the Vice-Chancellor. Just as well since my bike gears broke as I left the house and I had to take the bus.

Thursday: Awarded myself a day off. Went out for lunch with B. Jo Cox was murdered.

Friday: Went to a meeting at Daresbury Labs on Vehicle platooning, and also met with the team running their Open Day on the 9th July. Spent the afternoon filling in a form in order to enter a public engagement competition.

Saturday: Did passably in the Park Run, washed things, tidied things, ordered picture frames, researched Bikability lessons, attempted to do some programming but got no further than fixing the bugs caused by a code merge.

Sunday: First of G's birthday parties (the one for school friends) - two of said friends invited over for games playing and making a film as part of an English Homework.


purplecat: Hand Drawn picture of a Toy Cat (Default)

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