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You may recall that the plan was that we would both take this week off and lay the kitchen floor. I have just spent most of today, alone, trying increasingly desperate measures to remove the last vestiges of vinyl tiles from the kitchen floor - paint stripper appears to be doing the trick.

If you are interested in finding out why Louise will not have a kitchen floor by Summerfest then you may consult the following places:

  • BBC Worldwide and Radio 5 Live: Running the story from midnight apparently.

  • The Today Programme (approx 6.50am): B. is quite worried about this one, in addition to an entirely understandable fear of John Humphries, he's been told that the Dean listens to the Today Programme.

  • Probably any BBC Television News apart from the 10 O'Clock (i.e., Breakfast News, 1pm or 6pm)

  • The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent

That's not counting miscellaneous local radio shows. The New Scientist, "somewhere in Germany" and "some paper in Sydney Australia" are also "thinking about it".

The story itself is under media embargo until midnight (which makes it sound terribly exciting) but I'm probably not giving too much away if I hint that its to do with dinosaurs.
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