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"Nuclear Power Plants don't work like that" in my final Torchwood review

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I was disappointed with Season 1 of New Dr Who. I thought the plots were frequently dull. I thought that all too often things happened to get characters from emotional point A to emotional point B without said events making much sense in the context of the wider plot or characters. I thought the comedy was frequently heavy-handed and the acting (even from the much revered Eccleston) often cheesy. I was disappointed by the lack of imagination on display at the world-building level.

For many years I had been pretty heavily invested in the original full-length Dr Who novels. The new series killed these absolutely stone dead. Some would say this was a mercy killing. Certainly their hey-day was long past. Perhaps as a result, I don't really compare new Who with classic Who and mourn its passing. I mourn the passing of the novels but new who could have been greater than the greatest thing ever and they would still have gone.

So, I got over my disappointment. I accepted that I would not be getting intricate and clever plots, fascinating new worlds or even particularly subtle character exploration and began to watch new who on its own terms. Every so often it serves up The Girl in the Fireplace or Blink which stand among my favourite Who episodes (such as City of Death, Pyramids of Mars, Caves of Androzani - highly regarded by all, and Vengeance on Varos and Delta and the Bannerman (less widely acclaimed - if not widely derided - but personal favourites none the less)). It probably helped, shallow creature that I am, that I find David Tennant very easy on the eye. Mind you, I find John Barrowman remarkably pleasant to look at and I'm not forgiving Torchwood its sins yet.

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So Season 3 NuWho: mostly dull plots, boring world-building, heavy-handed characterisation but surprisingly thoughtful, with more interesting twists and more interesting characters than last year and a genuinely critical approach to the central character, proper pay-offs for its foreshadowing and a character arc that actually made sense. I'll still be watching season 4 and not just because I enjoy reading what people have to say about it afterwards.
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I missed participating in the original discussions following Utopia but having read some very divergent views I thought a meta-post might be interesting discussing those views and my reaction to them

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B. and I watched Supernatural for the first time this evening (having heard good things about it) - and indeed the episode we saw was pretty good (if a little emotionally manipulative). However we naturally got to reminiscing about similar series including one set in Chicago featuring what I thought was a Leprechaun.

Some googling and wikipedia-ing later this was identified as Special Unit 2 (and the Leprechaun as a Gnome). What fazed me was a comment at the end of the wikipedia entry which said "the premise of this show is very similar ... to Torchwood"... and the bizarre thing is... it is. But only if you at least double the cheese in Torchwood... and add a Gnome to the team.

B. preferred Special Unit 2. But they are really very very different in tone. Torchwood might have been improved by the addition of a gnome.
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[livejournal.com profile] parrot_knight's recent post has got me thinking.

For five weeks I've been reading comments in reviews which boil down to "Martha had promise in the first episode but has turned into little more than a love-sick puppy" - Francine's reaction to the Doctor in the Lazarus Experiment seemed to echo this sentiment - Martha has ceased to be an independent woman and become someone who follows the Doctor. It suggests the writing team are aware that Martha's potential is being wasted and that, in fact, it is deliberate. I just hope they are going somewhere interesting with this as I feel New Who frequently sets up potentially interesting themes or poses itself interesting questions in this way and then fails to resolve them in a satisfactory fashion.

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