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I have written about Schloss Dagstuhl before. I do rather like the place, so seized another opportunity to go when one presented itself. I will not bore you all with the details of Verifying and Testing Multi-Agent Systems. I think the most interesting aspects, for me, were getting a better handle on some of the logics for reasoning about multi-agent systems, and getting a better look at some of the other model-checkers out there. There was also an interesting session on devising good examples for the specification and verification of multi-agent systems and, with luck, there may be some concrete outcomes from that.

However I will talk about the hike. Instead of going on a day trip to Trier or a town designed to sell wine to tourists, the seminar opted to offer, as its "expedition", a hike through the surrounding German forestland. Quite a lot of people opted out of this. I later discovered that our intrepid leader had, over the years, developed something of a reputation for getting computer scientists lost in the German forest. However he was armed with his new smart phone and a map and despite the odd wobble we did eventually find our way back to the schloss in time for supper.

On the way we were adopted by a bunch of German walkers who seemed to be on some kind of German hiking equivalent of a pub crawl. This involved stopping at people's houses at regular intervals and drinking vodka.

The vodka was definitely not optional, despite a surprising attempt on the part of the Russian contingent to get out of drinking any.

It must be said it was a very gentle hike. Just as well since most of us had nothing approaching suitable footwear. Even so my legs were definitely feeling it for the last half hour.

Some more pictures courtesy of the glorious leader.

Before. I'm in this picture but, you know, I'm short. You can see the edge of my arm though.

During. Not lost. Honest.


Obligatory seminar photo.

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