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Date: 2013-01-05 06:43 pm (UTC)
The Fury connection is interesting; on broadcast, I thought more of Doctor Who and the Silurians' season-mate, Inferno, but I can see the Fury parallels.

I find this distinctly inferior to the Pertwee original, despite, or perhaps because of the reduced time. Fan wisdom has long stated that anything over 100 minutes is too long, and some new fans seem to dislike anything over 45m, unless it's a loose 'arc', but I don't think this is true (then again, I'm a bitter, reactionary old fan). The Silurians, although it has its flaws, especially in the final episode, uses its length to create a detailed set of characters and to let the political side of the crisis unfold in a realistic way, or as realistic as Doctor Who ever gets, as well as producing some deeply unsettling scenes in the early episodes. The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood inevitably has to lose things to fit the shorter running time, but doesn't even manage to do anything particularly interesting with what it does have. I thought The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People the next year did a similar idea much better, but I may be in a minority of one on that.

I think I've mentioned before that it's interesting that the Pertwee original focussed on politics, whereas the Chibnall script is about family, but I haven't been able to make much of this, beyond the obvious that almost the whole of the Pertwee era was about politics, whereas new Who has consistently been about family and sexual/romantic relationships since 2005. The wider socio-cultural significance of this shift eludes me, though.

In retrospect, I wonder if Moffat had thought up Vastra and then needed to introduce the Silurians properly to a new audience before he could subvert them. That he gave it Chibnall rather than doing it himself might be seen as indicative of his interest in Silurians-as-Silurians.
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