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Target Book Cover for Enemy of the World by Ian Carter.  Shows Astrid in her futuristic spy security gear and, I think, Giles Kent, at a desk full of switches and monitors with volcanos erupting in the background.

Incidentally, my Facebook Connect link from LJ keeps failing. I keep re-enabling it and fiddling with settings but without success - the last failure was complaining about permissions. It's not a big deal since only public posts get cross-posted, those are mostly random Dr Who pictures, and I'm not sure my facebook friends are all that interested in them, but it is annoying so I was wondering if anyone was experiencing anything similar and, if so, if they had a fix.

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Date: 2018-08-11 10:38 pm (UTC)
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Is the story that the novelisation has swearing in it true, or is it a fandom urban legend?

Also trying to work out who the characters on the cover are meant to be - you'd have thought that the novelisation would sell more if they made the story's key gimmick obvious in the cover illustration, it isn't that much of a spoiler.

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Date: 2018-08-12 12:05 pm (UTC)
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I looked it up, and there was a later edition of the novelisation that had Salamander on the cover, and apparently the issue was that before the mid-eighties the BBC had a policy that no previous Doctors were to appear on the cover of a novelisation in case it confused younger kids.

Another quick thing: Christopher Jones's art on the Titan Third Doctor comic (which features Salamander, initially impersonating the Second Doctor, on Earth in the UNIT era - turns out he was caught in the TARDIS's wake and, without the Doctor and friends knowing, dumped out along with them in Sixties London at the beginning of "The Web of Fear") really has to be praised in this context. In the big cliffhanger reveal panel, the body language and facial expression captures Troughton's Salamander perfectly, to the point that the "Ha ha, they don't know I'm Ramón Salamander" soliloquy speech bubble is needed only as a suggested online search term for any post-2005-only fans reading who don't know why there's suddenly an evil version of the Second Doctor.


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