Dec. 29th, 2018

purplecat: The Thirteenth Doctor and Tards (Who:Thirteen)
I think I enjoyed The Ghost Monument least of the last season. This may be in part because it occurred so early before I was used to the new style (I'd have to rewatch to see if I would re-evaluate). I didn't actively dislike it, but I did feel it was sort of just there. The plot was not only extremely straightforward, but it kind of stopped. I've heard criticisms elsewhere that one of the problems with this season is that the dialogue fails to deliver and I think that may be the problem here. The resolution to the story is perfectly good, and you can see how it should follow from what comes before, but the dialogue (and by extension performances) has failed to really convince that Angstrom and Epzo have moved to a point where they could cooperate and the episode refuses to give us the actual discussion where they agree to do so. Hence... it just stops.

More minor details: the Doctor's opposition to guns while not out of character looks even more hypocritical here (where moments later she zaps the robots with an EMP) than it normally does, and while we had Chekov's self-lighting cigar, we also get not-Chekov's flesh eating water.

So, yeah, from my perspective, The Ghost Monument just was.

More interestingly the Teenager bounced off it hard. She thought it was dull; Yaz was underused, Ryan was stupid, Graham was... (I've forgotten what Graham was); the cinematography was terrible (which surprised me a bit, since I had been sitting there thinking "well at least it's pretty", but apparently there were too many close-ups of people's eyes); and everyone was over-sharing their feelings.

So now you know!


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