May. 2nd, 2018

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Reading: The Legends of River Song - a short story anthology all told in the first person by River. So far, rather consistently better than these collections often are. I've read four out of five and they've all been entertaining with a strong sense of River's character.

Listening: I've more or less listened through a lot of the podcasts I originally found and liked when I first started looking around the Doctor Who scene. It's a bit difficult to tell where to look next since I find a lot of the general discussion and news podcasts more hit than miss (and, you know, there are only so many times one wants to listen to Paul Cornell being interviewed). However I'm currently trying Reality Bomb which I'm cautiously enjoying, it's had a lot of segments with a history/nostalgia focus which nevertheless manage to bring new material to the table. However I'm not a fan of its comic sketches.

Watching: B. is not a great fan of the Marvel movies (though he doesn't particularly mind them). However G. and I are exploiting his current absence in an attempt to catch up, so we watched Thor:Ragnarok at the weekend on Amazon which was a great deal sillier than I had expected. I think I was fooled by the title into thinking it would be terribly angsty. We're hoping Black Panther will still be in a cinema nearby this weekend and we will be able to watch it on Saturday and Infinity War on Sunday (and then G. can watch Infinity War again on Monday with her friends).


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