Feb. 2nd, 2018

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Two things of note this week. Firstly, I got a new iPhone. Actually I bought this last week but didn't really start playing with it until this week. My main motivation for buying a new iPhone was that the battery on my old phone was becoming increasingly erratic leaving me with the option of either replacing the battery or buying a new phone - I certainly don't want to risk my phone running out of juice half way around a marathon since I enjoy listening to podcasts as I run. When my Mum expressed an interest in acquiring an old iPhone in order to experiment with Siri, it made up my mind that I'd by a new phone.

Most of this month's "toys" budget later, I have a second-hand iPhone 7. I like the increased memory allowance, I'm distinctly less convinced by the necessity for bluetooth headphones. The set I purchased swing about like mad things when running (unless I clip them to the back of my collar, which I have taken to doing) and then rapidly fall out. I've just got an adapter for more standard headphones and intend to research running headphones in the near future.

The other event of note is pain in, I think, my posterior tibial tendon - on the inside of my ankle anyway. It started last week, but after a couple of days' rest it had gone away and did not reappear either following my Park Run on Saturday, nor my long run on Sunday. However on Monday I had an interval run - a sequence in which I ran pretty fast (4:35minutes per km) for 3 minutes and then slowly for 2 minutes seven times (I did pretty well for the first five, but was struggling during six and seven) - and the whatever it is was definitely hurting afterwards. A "steady" run on Wednesday was also characterised by pain in the ankle towards the end making it harder work than it should have been. It is totally fine now after another two days of rest so I'm not sure quite what to do about it. My current plan is to change shoes (there is a whole saga of running shoes I could relate here, but suffice it to say I'm currently running in cheap shoes, however the pain (on the top of my foot) caused by the expensive shoes seems to have resolved itself so I may as well change back into them and see what happens), and see how next week goes since according to "the plan" it is a light running week. If I'm still having trouble after that, I may need to take a week off.

KM run this week: 43.9
KM run in 2018: 142.8

While raising money for charity is not my motivation for participation, it is a big part of the London Marathon. Shelter have bribed me with a T-shirt and the promise of a post-race massage. People have been incredibly generous already, but you can donate here should you feel so inclined.


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