Jan. 31st, 2018

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Ooh! Haven't done one of these for a while.

Reading: Companion Piece. One in the line of books that started with Chicks Dig Time Lords. I was somewhat bemused by the popularity of Chicks Dig..., I think in part because it didn't seem to bear any relation to my own experience as a female Who fan but I rated Queers Dig Time Lords very highly. So far I'm feeling a bit `meh' about Companion Piece though I'm only a couple of essays into it - in general (though not exclusively) it's been a bit short on the analysis and a bit long on the summaries, but early days yet....

Listening: I've started listening to the Philosophise This podcast. I'm enjoying the survey of the history of philosophy but I find some of the presentation a little hokey.

Watching: Apart from the Randomiser we're not really watching anything consistently at the moment. Odd episodes of Tintin, and Star Trek (both TOS and Discovery). Comparing and contrasting original Star Trek with Discovery is interesting, for all its cheesiness to modern eyes the original series was trying to be high concept in a way Discovery isn't (or at least from what we've seen so far). Discovery seems to be going much more down the space opera/politics route which feels very familiar, particularly viewing it hot on the heels of The Expanse. I feel there is quite a lot of Discovery-like stuff about at the moment but not much original Star Trek-like stuff (possibly Black Mirror but we bailed halfway through the first episode unconvinced by the set-up and another episode I was shown by a friend left me with too many questions about how the concept was supposed to work to feel satisfied- high concept, particularly when you have to both tell a story and set up a convincing world in the space of 45 minutes is hard).


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