Oct. 27th, 2016

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This is me as Mrs Muddle in the OULES Christmas pantomime of, I think, 1992. OULES spent most of its time touring old peoples' homes in the Oxfordshire area and singing medlies of songs, but at Christmas we would produce a pantomime which we took around local primary schools, childrens' homes and childrens' wards in hospitals. This was not the pantomime for which we got the immortal review "the acting veers from the timidly embarrassed to the outrageously ham somehow managing to miss basic competence in the middle" but I suspect the standard was similar. I have a feeling my performance was at the "outrageously ham" end of the scale.

Should anyone be in Manchester tommorrow evening and anywhere near [twitter.com profile] EagleInnSalford then you can judge if my acting has improved since for (aided and abetted by [twitter.com profile] CiaranHodgers) I'll be performing a piece about Ethics and Autonomous Systems as part of Experimental Words, a series of team-ups between poets and scientists laid on by Manchester Science Festival.

NB. Attempts by certain parties to make me break into the Pizzazz the Garden Gnome song at this juncture will not succeed. You know who you are!


purplecat: Hand Drawn picture of a Toy Cat (Default)

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