Oct. 12th, 2016

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Reading: The Universal Computer: The Road from Leibniz to Turing - an oddly frustrating book since it is concentrating on the history primarily of the ideas being mathematical logic which I more-or-less knew, though I hadn't seen it set out in order like this before. However, I spend a lot of time skimming over the mathematical explanations because I'm so familiar with the maths, but feel slightly frustrated that I'm not getting more history to sink my teeth into.

Listening: Frustratingly, just as I started listening to the Two Minute Time Lord podcasts they stopped. However there are 419 episodes so I decided to tackle the backlog - or at least the backlog going back to episode 271 which is the first my podcast app deigns to provide me with. I'm currently listening to an interview with Toby Hadoke (which is taking considerably longer than the two minutes advertised! - it's described as a "Time Dilation" episode).

Watching: Canon review for Yuletide. I doubt my recipient is following here, but it probably doesn't hurt to be a little coy. It's a fun movie, sufficiently fun that B is happily rewatching it with me - though I'm having slightly cold feet because I hadn't quite clocked I'd need to get to grips with a particular city at a particular time in order to do the story justice and its not a time or place with which I have much familiarity. Luckily wikipedia has an extensive page on that precise city in the 45 year period towards the end of which the movie is set, so hopefully it'll be good enough for rock and roll, certainly given the movie is obviously set in a universe slightly to the side of our own.


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