Apr. 11th, 2016

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The Armageddon Factor is the final story in the Key to Time sequence. While it isn't derided to the extent that the previous season finale The Invasion of Time has been, possibly because it is clearly better than the story that preceded it. It think it would be fair to say it is not much loved and, like The Invasion of Time, it almost certainly suffers from being stretched to run over six episodes and thus losing any real momentum in the middle.

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Like many 6 part Doctor Who stories of the 1970s, The Armageddon Factor's major problem is that it is at least two parts too long and it doesn't really know what to do with the extra time. Even though the action is spread across three planets, they all look pretty much the same, in fact they all consist entirely of subterranean corridors. It has some nice comedic touches, but seems to be striving overall for a serious and slightly epic tone which it can't really sustain. As with (almost) any Tom Baker story, there is a lot of Doctor Who that is a lot worse out there, but at its best the show could be a lot better than this.


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