Dec. 27th, 2009

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This year, following a random link from [ profile] neadods, I have followed the Organised Christmas: Houseworks Holiday Plan.

Well, I say, followed but I rapidly concluded that the people the website was aimed at had considerably more free time, and less need of a plan for organisation than I did. My favourite bit of entirely ignored advice was the suggestion that you make a decoration plan for each room of the house, not just for Christmas, but for your Autumn Theme house decoration and your Halloween Theme house decoration and so forth.

Anyway the tips that were definitely worth following, for my future reference and in case anyone is interested, were:

Notes for next year )

NB. We had a lovely Christmas, and though I'm complaining about our families' joint ability to mess up our plans it was, in fact great to have a house full of people just generally having a good time... and I did manage to persuade them to delay the pancake making until Boxing Day so the kitchen was marginally less chaotic at 8am on Christmas morning than it threatened to be.


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