Oct. 28th, 2009

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I'm just wondering if anyone on my flist knows anything about how proboards (http://www.proboards.com/) might react to a cease and desist notice. I'm a member of a forum there (yeah, that forum) and its founder is imminently about to trademark the name. We don't think a dispute would stand up in court, but we're not so attached to the name that we aren't prepared to change it if necessary to avoid hassle (none of us want to waste time or money on a court case). The key question is whether proboards, on receipt of a letter complaining that we were infringing his trademark, would just pull our forum, or whether they would give us reasonable notice to change things, or just ignore it. If the former then most of us feel we would be better to change the name and move in a controlled fashion now rather than waiting for everything to suddenly vanish in a few months time.

Anyone any idea how proboards might react? At the moment the group is a little leaderless (guess why!), though I'm sure as soon as we have one, they will try to get some kind of answer from Proboards but it might be useful in the interim if anyone has any experience with this.


purplecat: Hand Drawn picture of a Toy Cat (Default)

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