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Staying in a Guest House at Whitley Bay which appears to be mostly under construction (Whitley Bay, not the Guest House). Spanish City (of Dire Straits, Tunnel of Love fame) seems to be mostly gone but it looks like regeneration is in progress. We had a nice locally brewed beer before dinner in an excellent restaurant.

Tomorrow we get the Metro to Wallsend and then the walking starts...
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I think the Museo di Storia Naturale deserves a post all of its own since it was the most unexpected treasure we visited in Venice. I picked it out of the guide book because it was listed as "good for children" and had some dinosaurs in it so I felt that it had pretty much something for all the family.

It took a bit of finding, once again much aided by Google maps and despite being in the guidebook it was obviously not part of the regular tourist trail. We mostly had the place to ourselves while the rest of Venice was not quite packed with people but well on the way to being so. All the labels were in Italian. However I'd been teaching myself Italian using the Duolingo app in my mobile phone* and B. knows a lot of natural history so between us we managed.

It is not a huge natural history collection but it has been presented spectacularly. Someone involved had, in particular, a real flair for lighting. Several of the rooms were also organised by collector rather than subject matter which was quite fun, giving you a sense of one man's interests. It also allowed them to play with having very traditional style display cases (though I strongly suspect even these were of modern design) in some rooms, with more modern presentations based around themes like flight or underwater in other rooms.

We embarrassed the little one by taking loads and loads of photos.

Loads and Loads of Photos )

*interestingly the level of Italian I'd acquired proved to be well up to reading descriptions in museums, but less good for interacting with waiters. About halfway through our stay it suddenly gave me the word for the bill (il conto) which did makes things a lot easier.


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