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One of my dinosaur books rather dubiously claims that Archeopteryx is "perhaps the most famous extinct organism in the world". I find this doubtful - surely Tyrannosaurus Rex holds that distinction?

Still, the discovery of the first Archeopteryx fossil in 1861 is a hugely important point in the history of our understanding of dinosaurs, bird evolution and evolution in general. B. has occasionally bombarded Archeopteryx specimens with fundamental particles.
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Graptolithina were a sort of worm that lived in the Cambrian and Carboniferous. You can find their fossils all over the place apparently, including in the Lake District. They have often been mistaken for pictures of some kind.
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Ouranosaurus Nigeriensis (an iguanodont from the Cretaceous) in the Museo di Storia Naturale in Venice
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Twitter has alerted me to the fact that fossil Friday is a thing. I'm only tangentially interested in fossils, via B. and primeval fandom, however I have nevertheless grabbed the nearest dinosaur book (DK Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life) and turned to the first page where I was greeted by a picture of a Lepidodendron fossil.

Not this picture admittedly which is from Edgar L Owen.com

Lepidodendrons were club mosses (resembling palm trees) that grew up to 50m tall and lived in the Carboniferous. So now you know.


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