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Disaster pretty much struck as soon as I unpacked in the hotel room and fetched out the handy adaptor plug for the Mac which B had given me as I ran out the door. Two prongs: check, two round prongs... err... no. I could get wireless internet from the hotel room so I spent an hour or so letting people know I had a power crisis and generally catching up on anything that looked urgent. Then, as the power dropped below 60%, I regretfully closed the laptop down on the grounds that I had a talk to give the next day and no real idea what the arrangements might be, so I wanted to leave the option of using the laptop open. A rather dull evening followed (I'd not even packed a book because I had a list of things I wanted to do on the computer though I had packed some papers that needed refereeing ) enlivened at about 8pm when I at least found a pen at the bottom of my back pack.

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